DataGrip 2017.3.1

Only a week has passed since we released DataGrip 2017.3, and we are already delivering you the first minor update. Among various bug-fixes there is something new to try!

IDE-level read-only mode

For ages DataGrip had a Read-Only mode that could be turned on in the data source properties.


It just turned on read-only mode in the corresponding jdbc-driver. This denied running modification queries in MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift, H2 and Derby. In other DBMS’s it did nothing.
In DataGrip 2017.3.1 we have added an IDE-level read-only mode. Now it is activated along with the jdbc-level one, the check-box turns on both. Thus, in read-only mode every DDL or DML query will be underlined.


If you execute it, there will be a warning.


Anyway, it is possible to press Execute on this bar if you’re totally confident in what you are doing.

We also now index the source codes of functions and procedures, and build a call-tree behind. It means that if a function executes another function (repeat n times) which executes DDL or DML statements, you’ll also see the warning.

That’s it. Please, report to us if you have any need for two independent check-boxes for jdbc-level and IDE-level read-only modes.

Background images

If you set a background image via Preferences/Settings → Appearance → Background images, now there are new alignment options: center image, stretch image or make a texture. The very right square lets you to choose the anchor.


Snap packages

DataGrip is now also available as a snap package. If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can install DataGrip from the command line:

sudo snap install datagrip --classic

Thank you for reading this, we hope you got a lot out of it!
Your DataGrip Team
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