DataGrip 2018.1 EAP 3

DataGrip 2018.1 EAP 3

Hello! Here is the new EAP build for DataGrip 2018.1.

Rename everything

From this version, we have challenged ourselves to be able to rename all the objects we support. Sequences in Oracle, events in MySQL, triggers in PostgreSQL and many other objects now can be renamed by pressing Shift+F6, regardless of whether it is done in the database tree or in the SQL script. Remember, that usages of the object in other scripts will also be renamed.


Enhancements in Navigation

We added an option called Prefer data editor over DDL editor.


This option affects:
— Navigation to the table/view by Ctrl+Т/Cmd+O.
— Navigation to the column by Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+N.
— Double-clicking on the table/view or column in the database tree view.

Navigate references to DDL editor is now called Prefer database view instead of DDL editor. As you know, it defines where you’ll be taken to when you click Navigate to declaration (Ctrl/Cmd+B or Ctrl+Click) from the SQL.

Important fixes:

DBE-397: We don’t use driver-level read-only mode anymore. It will let you run safe statements that don’t begin with “s” symbol.
DBE-6042: Support for partitioned tables in PostgreSQL.

That’s about it! Thank you in advance for trying our EAP builds.

Your DataGrip Team.

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