DataGrip 2018.1.1 is Released!

Hello! This is the first minor update for 2018.1.

Use the Check for updates action to receive the latest update if you are working with IntelliJ DataGrip 2018.1.

If you don’t get a notification about new updates please check the Updates page in the Settings / Preferences dialog. Make sure that the Automatically check updates for option is enabled.

Another crucial fix: the scrolling in 2018.1 became laggy. No more!

And here is a list of the other improvements included in 2018.1.1

— A new action is introduced: Context menu of the object → Database tools → Modify Comment.
DBE-5479: Explain Plan works in Redshift.
DBE-5987: Now it’s possible to use \N as null text in data import.
IDEA-186636: The keystrokes aren’t lost during freezing anymore.
IDEA-188229: Clicking the Replace all option from the Replace in path dialog doesn’t cause the IDE to freeze.

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