DataGrip 2018.3 Release candidate


All IntelliJ-based IDEs are nearing the 2018.3 release, and today we’ve got a DataGrip 2018.3 RC. Let’s have a look at what’s been added since the latest EAP.


Previously, each new query console meant a new connection. In the new version, it’s possible to work with just one connection for the data source and have all consoles use that same one connection. This allows you to see the temporary objects in the database tree, or use the same transaction in different consoles. This is our first step toward creating full connection management in DataGrip.

To turn it on, go to Data source properties -> Options -> Single connection mode.


We’ve also added the ability to define colors for data sources to the Properties dialog.


Another small improvement is a new inspection called Unreachable code.


That’s about it! Your feedback is welcome, as always, in Twitter, the forum, and the issue tracker. Let us know what you think about this new release!

Your DataGrip Team

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