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DataGrip 2018.3 is Released!

Hello everybody!

We are excited to release DataGrip 2018.3 today! As usual, we thank all our early adopters who have helped us make the IDE better during this release cycle. The most active ones have already got their free DataGrip subscriptions, as a token of our appreciation.Rujrn4Rw

If you wish to see the detailed overview of this update, please visit our What’s new page. Read on for a list of all the enhancements waiting for you in 2018.3.

Database objects

Cassandra database supported
— Generate SQL files for the selected objects
— Support for extensions in PostgreSQL
— Support for stored procedures in PostgreSQL 11
— Statistics in Quick Doc
Use drop cascade syntax option



Code completion

— Postfix completion
— New setting to automatically add aliases when completing table names
— Not aggregated fields in GROUP BY
— All columns list in SELECT, MERGE and INSERT INTO table variable
— Named parameters of stored procedures
— Numeric fields in SUM() and AVG()
FILTER (WHERE…) clause
— Option to Invert order of operands in auto-generated ON clause
— Window functions


Code generation

— Dialects for Live templates
— Column names hint appears automatically when using INS live template
CREATE TABLE definition for SELECT




— Intention action to Introduce table alias
— Many fixes in Extract subquery as CTE action


Code insight

— Warnings about unsafe DELETE and UPDATE
— New inspection to detect unreachable code
— Unused subquery item inspection




— Single connection mode
— Auto-reconnect after timeouts

Search and navigation

— New Search Everywhere
— Multiline TODO comments
— Multiline search in Find/Replace in Path


User interface

High-contrast color scheme
— Better UI for page size setting
— Color settings in the data source Properties dialog



You already know all of this, but still:
— Get your 30-day trial of DataGrip.
Tweet @ us!
Discuss anything in the forum.
— Report bugs to our issue tracker.

Thanks for reading this!

Your DataGrip Team
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