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DataGrip 2018.3.3

Hi all,

Here’s a list of important bug-fixes in 2018.3.3:

DBE-7745: No more false positives in Unreachable Code inspections in case of FOREACH statements.
DBE-4399: Fixed the problem with resolving objects in files.
DBE-7699: UTF-16 is always used in the data editor.
DBE-5850: No more -1 day changes to dates.
DBE-1465: Fixed a regression issue with synchronizing read-only data sources.
DBE-7795: Fixed problems with rename cancellation.
DBE-7694: The correct script is generated for changing table comments.
DBE-7712: All MySQL functions are correctly highlighted in the editor.

If you use the Toolbox App, it can install the update for you. Otherwise, click Check for Updates if you’re running DataGrip 2018.3.2. And of course, you can just download the update from the website and install it manually.

Your DataGrip Team

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