DataGrip 2020.1 EAP 2

Maksim Sobolevskiy

Hello! Here’s yet another build in our EAP for DataGrip 2020.1.

Export to Excel



Text data viewer

Now you can choose your preferred data format in the extractor drop-down.


In-editor results

We keep polishing one of the brightest features of this release. The big challenge has been to make scrolling user-friendly. Now DataGrip can detect whether you are scrolling the data or the code editor itself.


Attach directory

The File | Open menu now attaches the directory to the project.


Just to be clear, the attached directory is the directory you see in the Files tool window.

utPLSQL support

– utPLSQL support is now compatible with DataGrip versions earlier than 3.6.
– We’ve added Run by tag functionality.

Bug fixes

DBE-8365: [Redshift] Syntax for stored procedures is supported.
DBE-9436: [Redshift] Synchronizing works with the latest JDBC driver. It can cause significant performance issues, please, report if there are any.

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1 Response to DataGrip 2020.1 EAP 2

  1. John says:

    March 14, 2020

    Yesss…. export to Excel. Made my day. Thank you!