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DataGrip 2020.1


We’ve just released DataGrip 2020.1.

Here’s a full list of all the improvements that 2020.1 introduces:

Run configurations

— Configuration for running script files
— Configuration for running code
— Support for utPLSQL and tSQLt


Data editor

— Results in the editor
— Geo viewer
— [MongoDB] Data filtering


Export options

— Export to Excel
— Better usability
— Text data viewer



— [PostgreSQL] pg_pass support
— [SQL Server] Domain credentials support
— Shared SSH configuration


Query console

— Update preview
— Easy navigation to Execute settings
— Datetime injection
— [MongoDB] Better coding assistance


Navigation and search

— Context data sources scope
— Structural Search


Working with files

— CSV file type
— Attach directory
— Mark as plain text


Database tree view

— UI for creating users and roles
— UI for creating schemas and databases


For more details please see the What’s new page.

Download DataGrip 2020.1

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6 Responses to DataGrip 2020.1

  1. Avatar

    Alexandre Liscia says:

    April 9, 2020

    Is there a way to edit mongo db records through the UI ?

  2. Avatar

    Steven Hills says:

    April 16, 2020

    Is there any way now to export the results to clipboard without having to open that new export dialog? It used to just be in the drop down and was super easy to use. Now it’s a bit annoying as on OSX I have no idea which monitor that dialog will open, it’s never the same one as datagrip is on.

    • Avatar

      Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      April 17, 2020

      Hi! It was two clicks before, and two clicks now. So, the issue is with moving your mouse on the second step, am I right?

      • Avatar

        Steven Hills says:

        April 17, 2020

        Yes, the main issue is in a multi monitor setup I don’t know where that second click will end up being. I’m not sure if this is a osx issue but the export window seems to just pick a random monitor to open on, not the monitor that datagrip is open on. So that second click has gone from being right next to that first click to somewhere undetermined.

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