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DataGrip 2020.3.1

This is the first update for DataGrip 2020.3. In addition to fixing a few bugs, we’ve managed to add a couple of new features. Check them out below.

Apple Silicon support

Starting from this version we provide builds for Apple Silicon M1 processors. They can be found on the download page for macOS.

New features

Forgotten comma

We’ve released a new inspection in response to this tweet. If you update, you will no longer bump into this funny situation:

Inline CTE

We’ve come up with a counterpart for the existing action ‘Extract CTE from the subquery’ – ‘Inline CTE’. Use it to create a subquery instead of using common table expressions.

MongoDB SSL modes

With version 1.9 of the MongoDB JDBC driver and DataGrip 2020.3.1, all SSL modes are now available.

Important fixes

DBE-9945: [PostgreSQL, Greenplum] WITH block is included in the DDL.
DBE-2489: [SQL Server] Allow unqualified calls of stored procedures from sys schema.
DBE-3893: [SQLite] JSON1 functions are supported.
DBE-12193: [SQLite] Virtual columns are highlighted properly.
DBE-10007: [Oracle] Simplified table functions are supported.
DBE-12051: [Oracle] The “Refresh could not take such arguments” warning isn’t falsely triggered anymore.

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