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DataGrip 2020.3: SQL for MongoDB, Azure AD Auth, New extractors and more

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We’re pleased to introduce DataGrip 2020.3. This is the third major update of 2020, and it’s packed with various enhancements. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer!

SQL for MongoDB

  • Functions and object builders are supported
  • JS query preview
  • Copy JS query to clipboard


  • Couchbase support
  • Azure AD authentication
  • Working directory

Data editor

  • Separate editor for cell values: Formatted value
  • Separate editor for cell values: Bottom position
  • Separate editor for cell values: Images
  • Opening transposed tables
  • Shrinking selection


  • Introducing two new extractors: One-row and SQL-Insert-Multirow
  • Never quote values option


  • Collect introspection diagnostic information
  • Grants
  • Changes in the database tree
  • [PostgreSQL] More properties for tables
  • [Greenplum] New objects
  • [Oracle] Correct display of overloaded procedures

Coding assistance

  • Formatter for Generic dialect
  • Rename options
  • Fixing typos
  • [Oracle] Inspection for a conflict call

Running queries

  • Run configurations: Schema switching
  • Run configurations: Displaying the default schema
  • Run configurations: History targets
  • [SQL Server] Tab names
  • Console output in a separate tab
  • Hints for indexes in ‘Explain plan’

DDL editing

  • Warning for outdated table structure
  • Warning if the object was deleted
  • Migration actions are available everywhere

IDE general

  • The Welcome screen is back
  • Per-Project plugins
  • Syncing current theme with OS settings
  • macOS shortcuts as words
  • Preview tab
  • Simple calculator
  • File associations
  • Expand all in the database tree view

To take in all the new features with full descriptions, please visit the What’s New page.
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