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DataGrip 2021.1.2

Hello! Today we’ve got a new minor update for DataGrip 2021.1. Let’s see what’s been improved.


DBE-13048: Some run configurations require the data source to be disconnected first. Now it’s possible to disconnect from a data source before launch.

DBE-12906: We’ve introduced a Modify grants action.


DBE-6276: [PostgreSQL] Support for security policies.

DBE-13138 [Redshift] Support for sort keys for tables and views.

DBE-13024: [Redshift] Fixed the bug with the completely failed introspection.

DBE-12442: [Oracle] Source code is retrieved correctly for Oracle 9i.

DBE-13146: [Oracle] Type attributes are retrieved correctly for Oracle 11.

DBE-12954: [BigQuery] No more missing schemas.

DBE-12166: [BigQuery] Creating a temporary function doesn’t re-run the introspection.

Navigation and search

DBE-12901: It’s possible to navigate to the data source from the Database tab of the search.

DBE-11738: The Context data source scope works again in search.

DBE-12968: Color settings are respected again in search.

DBE-13090: View DDL from data works again.

DBE-5341: Go to related symbol has been added to the context menu of the object in the code editor.

DBE-4960: [PostgreSQL] Go to related symbol works for navigating from triggers to the related procedure, and vice versa.

DBE-13033: Navigation by foreign keys supports references to one column.

DBE-13037: Scroll from editor works from the data editor.

DBE-12967: [SQlite] Full-Text Search uses LIKE to search within LONGVARCHAR fields.

Data viewer

DBE-5435, DBE-11780, DBE-12827, DBE-11591: Fixed some bugs with missing ctid columns.

DBE-13150: The data diff viewer works again.

DBE-13126: Text search works when invoked a second time.

DBE-12985: [MySQL]: The default value for the date field is now correct.

DBE-12940: The Toggle Soft-Wrap and Toggle Formatting buttons don’t disappear anymore.

DBE-12594: Formatted mode for XML no longer removes all spaces.

Code generation

DBE-8654: Run routine generated code contains qualified objects.

DBE-12934: Argument direction is taken into account when modifying the routine.

DBE-12873 [BigQuery] Int64 is the default type when creating a new column.

DBE-12892 [BigQuery] Dropping views now works.

Code highlighting

DBE-9813: [Clickhouse] Support for CREATE DICTIONARY.

DBE-12996: [Clickhouse] Support for EXISTS (database | dictionary | view) statements.

DBE-12993: [Clickhouse] Correct syntax highlighting for CREATE OR REPLACE.


That’s all for today!

The DataGrip team

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