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DataGrip 2021.2.1

Today we’ve got the first minor update for 2021.2 for you, with several important improvements and fixes.


DBE-4978: Inlay hints appear in SET statements.

If you turn on For set operations in Preferences | Editor | Inlay Hints | SQL| Show column names, you will get column hints for statements inside set statements, for example, UNION statements.


DBE-9198: The Rename action works as expected and no longer offers renaming a session.

DBE-13739, DBE-13483: Actions on multiple selections work as expected.

DBE-13678: [PostgreSQL, Greenplum] Partitions are grouped.

DBE-13767: [PostgreSQL] Enum value can be inserted from a non-default schema.

DBE-13034: [SQL Server] Code generation to files works as expected.

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