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DataGrip 2022.1: Copying multiple objects, New logic for canceling statements and stopping connections, Editing results in MongoDB

datagrip 2022.1


We’ve just released the first major update of 2022. Here’s a list of all the improvements introduced in 2022.1. For detailed descriptions of all new features and enhancements, please visit our What’s new page.


  • Copy multiple objects

Data editor

  • Default display format for binary cells
  • [MongoDB] Ability to edit fields in results
  • [SQL Server] Support for in-editor results in batch mode


  • Session templates for introspection
  • [Oracle] Fragmental introspection
  • [H2] Support for version 2.x
  • [YugabyteDB] Added to basic support

Code generation

  • New version of Modify Table
  • Quality improvements for old Modify Table

Database diff viewer

  • Swap source and target

Code editor

  • Convert to subquery intention
  • Auto-indentation algorithms were improved
  • [PostgreSQL] Multirange types supported

Running queries

  • Canceling running statements
  • Canceling connections

IDE General

  • Reworked settings
  • Evenly split tabs
  • Export UML diagram to other formats

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