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DataGrip 2022.2 EAP 1

Hello! We’re starting our EAP program for DataGrip 2022.2. We would appreciate it if you could try out these new features and share your feedback with us – it will help us make the release better! Let’s take a look at what’s new in the first EAP build.

Option to import multiple CSV files

You can now select several CSV files and import them at once!

New Modify UI

The new Modify UI, a basic version of which was introduced in the 2022.1 release, has become the default option. Starting with version 2022.2, all of a table’s child objects can be added and edited using this new UI.

Give this feature a try and share your feedback with us!

The old UI will remain available through this release cycle via the context menu.

Categories in keymap

Previously, all of the actions related to database functionality were stored in four different places in the keymap:

  • Database | Database Explorer
  • Database | Query Result
  • Plugins | DataGrip customization
  • Plugins | Databases Tools and SQL

This structure, which admittedly has very little logic, was a historical consequence of the IDE’s development. 

To help you see all the available actions, we’ve re-arranged the structure and placed all of the actions in groups under the Database parent group.

Scopes in DDL data sources

You can now set file scopes as sources for DDL data sources. This will let you filter folders for the DDL data source easily. For example, you can exclude subfolders.

​​Merge All Project Windows action on macOS

For macOS users, we’ve introduced the ability to merge all open project windows into one, turning them into tabs. This action is available from the Window menu.

[Oracle, Vertica] Password expiration warning

Oracle and Vertica databases can provide warnings if the password is going to expire. DataGrip now retrieves this information and displays it after Test Connection is activated.  

[SQL Server] Support for collations and charsets

Collations and charsets are now generated with the table’s DDL.

Basic DB support

We’ve added 3 new databases to the basic support list: DuckDB, Mimer SQL, Apache Ignite.

Quality improvements

Data editor

  • DBE-10971: The table order is now saved in the data editor. 
  • DBE-7888: February is back in the date picker!
  • DBE-15454: Binary columns with mixed content types are now editable.
  • DBE-7804: CSV import no longer fails on the last line if the last value is empty and there is no new line.
  • DBE-15335: The SQL-Insert-Multirow extractor generates the correct query.

Query Console

  • DBE-996: The search bar no longer hides the toolbar.
  • DBE-11616: [ClickHouse] MODIFY ORDER BY is supported for ALTER TABLE.
  • DBE-14643: [SQL Server] The condition is always false warning no longer appears during variable assignment.
  • DBE-12232: [SQL Server] CHANGETABLE is now supported.
  • DBE-13312: [SQL Server] END CONVERSATION is now supported.
  • DBE-12435: [SQLite] The PRAGMA_TABLE_INFO and PRAGMA_TABLE_XINFO tables are resolved.
  • DBE-14997: [PostgreSQL] Columns are now correctly resolved when using CTE with INSERT INTO.
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