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DataGrip 2022.2.5

Hello! A new DataGrip 2022.2.5 bugfix update is available.

Here are the most notable changes and bug fixes:

  • DBE-16324: Fixed the DataGrip freezing issue that occurred due to INSERT AS SELECT queries.
  • DBE-12680: Database renaming now works correctly.
  • DBE-16462 [PostgreSQL]: Fixed the bug with incorrect max values for BIGINT identity columns.
  • DBE-15560 [Microsoft SQL Server]: INCLUDE columns are now recognized correctly.
  • DBE-16377 [PostgreSQL]:  Fixed the issue with extra grant/revoke permissions.
  • DBE-15604 [Snowflake, BigQuery]: QUALIFY clause is now supported.
  • DBE-16203 [BigQuery]: Database introspection now works correctly.
  • DBE-16376 [Amazon Aurora SQL]: Many users have encountered issues when using the MariaDB 3.X driver due to a known MariaDB Connector bug. If you are still facing this problem, downgrade the driver version manually by selecting MariaDB Connector J / 2.X in the Driver Files. You may also need to restart the IDE.
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