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DataGrip 2022.3.3

Hello! We’ve released the third minor update for DataGrip 2022.3. Here are the most notable improvements and bug fixes:

  • DBE-11963: Auto-refresh is now available with adjustable intervals. It can be disabled manually or automatically (for example, if you start editing).

You can set up auto-refresh for sessions in Virtual views to monitor sessions in real time, which finally resolves this really old ticket, DBE-229

  • DBE-17059: A list of settings was added to the Object Migration dialog.
  • DBE-16936: The Custom color chooser for databases now works correctly.
  • DBE-17068: Execute to file now works correctly.
  • DBE-16902: [Redis] We fixed the problem with connecting when SSL is enabled. Important: Please update the Redis JDBC driver to v1.3.
  • [Oracle] We added more details related to obtaining stored object sources to the Diagnostic Refresh log. This will help us investigate problems when some object sources are not retrieved by the introspector properly.
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