Minor updates

DataGrip 2022.3.2

Hello! We’ve released the second bug-fix update for DataGrip 2022.3. Here’s what’s been improved:

  • DBE-16825: The default name for created objects is selected so that it’s easy to replace it.
  • DBE-16899: Virtual views are correctly refreshed.
  • DBE-16824: Virtual views can be found via the Search dialog.
  • DBE-15968: [PostgreSQL] Database names with slashes are supported.
  • DBE-16862: [SQL Server] The correct parameter syntax is generated for stored procedures via the Generate menu.
  • DBE-16887: [Redshift] We fixed the problem with introspection for the latest database version 1.0.44126.
  • DBE-16829: [Firebird] Keep-alive query works.
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