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DataGrip 2023.1 Quality Release


For DataGrip 2023.1, we focused entirely on quality. We’ve fixed many bugs that had accumulated in our public issue tracker (not the most fun part of the job, but important nonetheless).

While there won’t be any new features for you to explore this time, we hope you’ll notice improvements in your daily work with DataGrip.

Here are a few of the highlights, and for a full list of bug-fixes with more details, please visit our What’s New page.

Working with code

  • DBE-4469: We fixed the problem causing the SQL Formatter not to apply the correct style for subqueries in EXISTS clauses.
  • We fixed many bugs concerning syntax support across different databases.

Database explorer

  • DBE-17263: Data source content statistics are again displayed in the Quick Documentation popup.
  • DBE-17166: Renamed folders in the database explorer no longer disappear.

Data editor and viewer

  • DBE-3572: We’ve added an Alternate row colors setting for results tables. When this setting is enabled, rows will be displayed in alternating colors.
  • DBE-16250: There are no longer empty spaces in the in-editor results, as the table now automatically adjusts to the height of the results.

Object editor

  • DBE-16393: We’ve added a source editor to the Modify view.
  • DBE-17329 [PostgreSQL]: Virtual view creation is now also available in read-only mode.

Query console

  • DBE-14074: Named parameters are detected correctly.
  • DBE-10555: Whenever you copy and paste something, the IDE now correctly analyzes the selection (instead of the cursor position).
  • DBE-17362: The schema switcher works properly in the new UI.

SQL resolve

  • DBE-16831: A setting to specify the default resolve mode used in the console has been added to Preferences | Database | Query execution | Other.
  • DBE-5497 [Oracle]: We fixed a few problems with Oracle collection methods.


  • DBE-17137: We fixed a bug where the IDE would only show the Explain Plan diagram for the first of several queries.
  • DBE-16238: Error notifications no longer appear when saving a diagram.


  • [Oracle] We’ve implemented several improvements to speed up the introspection process.
  • There are many fixes related to introspection issues for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Db2.

Schema diff 

  • DBE-17229: The Schema diff viewer now works properly; previously, ‘Nothing to show’ was displayed if database or server objects were included.
  • [Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Db2] You can now use the Specify next value for sequences option to control the behavior of sequences that have a start value.

That’s it for the overview! If you are interested in making the move to version 2023.1 or getting in touch with us, here are a few links that you might find useful:

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