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DataGrip 2023.1.1

The first update for DataGrip 2023.1 introduces some important fixes:

  • DBE-17815 The delay in showing database object tooltips is back.
  • DBE-13830 External schemas are now shown correctly in the Database Explorer.
  • DBE-17380 We’ve fixed an issue with the unresponsive Сancel button in the Modify dialog.
  • DBE-16138 Autocompletion in the data editor filter field functions properly. 
  • DBE-17609 The Save LOB action works correctly for in-editor results.
  • DBE-17537 SingleStoreDB is now recognized correctly.
  • DBE-17822 [PostgreSQL] We’ve fixed the permission issue that was causing synchronization to stop.
  • DBE-17650 [MySQL] Unsupported SSL protocol errors are detected properly, and quick-fix suggestions are now shown.
  • DBE-17447 [MySQL] The ALTER COLUMN syntax that changes the column default value has been fixed.
  • DBE-17733 [MySQL] Creating users from the console now triggers automatic introspection. Users are shown in the database tree.
  • DBE-17849 [Microsoft SQL Server] We’ve fixed an introspection issue that previously occurred when connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • DBE-16918 [Microsoft SQL Server] The Add Row action is now enabled for tables with generated columns.
  • DBE-17720 [SQLite] Automatic data source creation when opening SQLite files works correctly.
  • DBE-17388 [Snowflake] Schemas with over 10,000 columns now load successfully.
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