Early Access Program

DataGrip 2023.2 EAP 2: Redis Cluster, New Schema Migration Dialog and More

Hello, DataGrip community! The second Early Access Program version for DataGrip 2023.2 is here. If you want to try the new features before the official release, this post is for you!

Support for Redis Clusters

Now you can connect to Redis Clusters and have the same feature set as with standalone Redis.

Choose the dedicated connection type

When connecting to a cluster, jdbc:redis:cluster:must be entered before the desired URL. Choose the appropriate connection type to achieve this.

Determine the SSH tunnel for each node

If SSH tunneling is required for the connection to the cluster, then the hosts and ports for all nodes in the cluster should be indicated in the URL. 

New UI for schema migration dialog

We’re still working to bring better usability to various parts of DataGrip. In this release, we’ve decided to rework the schema migration functionality.

The main difference is that the same object is now placed on the same line in both parts of the dialog, making it easier to understand which objects are going to be added, removed, or changed in the target schema.  

Other Improvements

  • Lots of new statements are now supported, mostly in Redshift, MariaDB, and Oracle.
  • DBE-17327: [PostgreSQL] Full-Text search now works with the CITEXT column.


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