Early Access Program

DataGrip 2023.2 EAP is Open!

Hello! We are starting our EAP (Early Access Program) for 2023.2 and, as usual, we’re inviting you to try the latest features and improvements we’re adding to DataGrip ahead of the official release. 

Let’s look at what’s inside the first EAP build.

New UI

The new UI is now enabled by default for this EAP cycle. Exclusively in DataGrip, all the toolbar icons have been moved to the header:

To configure which buttons you want to see in the header, click the … icon:

If you don’t like the way that looks and would rather use the toolbar stripes, turn this setting off from the Find Action (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A):


  • SSL

There are now more options for connecting with SSL certificates.
Now you can explicitly set which trust store DataGrip will use for SSL CA files:

The IDE trust store can be configured here:

Another improvement has to do with JKS KeyStore files. Now you can pass *.jks files instead of a CA Certificate and a Client Key.

  • HTTP proxy

HTTP proxy settings are now also used in the remote development process. This means that if the driver also uses the HTTP proxy, you can set it in the settings and the connection will work.

Coding assistance

We’ve added many new settings for qualifying objects. Now you can separately detect not only the objects to qualify identifiers with, but also where the qualification should happen.

The whole block of settings has been moved to the Code Completion section.

WSL support for dump tools

The integration with MySQL and PostgreSQL dump tools now supports using WSL paths:

The path to the file is specified in the Windows format, but when creating a process, DataGrip will automatically replace it with the Linux format.

Modify Object

In the Modify Table dialog, putting the caret on the family node will open the table view, which helps you inspect similar objects.

Data editor

  • Time zones

With the new setting, you can now set the time zone in which the datetime value should be displayed:

  • Show all columns

A new Show all columns action is now available from the header context menu. It helps you find any columns that you may have hidden before.

  • Preview in settings

Now, when you change any settings in Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Data Editor and Viewer, a preview is available.

[Redshift] Support for External Database/Datashare

The shared databases and their contents are now introspected. The datashares that these databases are created on are also introspected.


  • Shared databases and data shares can be modified with Ctrl/Cmd + F6.
  • Last but not least, all the related statements are supported in the SQL editor.

Fixes and improvements

  • DBE-13734: [MySQL] SELECT INTO is supported inside stored procedures.
  • DBE-17005: [MySQL] The JSON_TABLE function is supported.
  • DBE-15065: [Oracle] Code completion works for synonyms.
  • DBE-9175: [Oracle] The XMLELEMENT function is supported.
  • DBE-16823: [ClickHouse] IPv6 values are displayed correctly.
  • DBE-7474: [H2] There are no more false positives for the unresolved variable inspection.

Try out the first EAP build and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing your feedback, especially about our new UI.

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