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Datalore Enterprise 2022.3.1 Is Out!

Datalore Enterprise 2022.3.1 provides more robust management of computing resources to prevent potential conflicts between scheduled notebook runs and running cells in interactive notebook sessions. This is an update to version 2022.3, which we released in November.

Upgrade your Datalore Enterprise version using:

Here are the features that have been made more robust in this release:

  • Statistics tab for DataFrames in R, Kotlin, and Scala kernels.
  • Table and Raw tabs in the cell output.
  • Server data logs.
  • Cell linking in outputs after re-evaluation.
  • Scheduled run reports display.

If you face any issues or experience bugs, please report them on the Community forum (Free Enterprise license holders) or by emailing (Enterprise customers and Trial license holders). Thank you!

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The Datalore team

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