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5 Resources To Help You Upgrade Your Data Science Career In 2023

Greetings from the Datalore team!

In our first newsletter of the new year, we’ve brought together 5 inspiring pieces of content that will help you plan your data science career for 2023.

[Video + Notebook] Full Stack Data Science Roadmap

Continuous learning is one of the key habits that makes you resilient in any crisis or recession. We collaborated with Thu Vu from the Thu Vu data analytics YouTube channel and prepared a video and a Full Stack Data Science Roadmap to help you navigate your learning path in 2023. 

Watch the video

Why full stack data science?

Thu Vu, a Senior Data Science Consultant and YouTube influencer, thinks that with the advent of powerful machine learning Python libraries, end-to-end data science platforms, and AI models like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E, data scientist roles are becoming higher-level and more broadly encompassing. In short, the roles are becoming more “full stack”. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything alone, it just means you have the flexibility to take on different roles and contribute to projects in many ways.

Open the Roadmap Notebook

[Whitepaper] 3 Pillars for a Successful Data Team

If you are a data science team lead or a senior data scientist who wants to get started on the leadership path, this whitepaper is for you!

It provides guidance about how to:

  1. Provide an effective data-team structure.
  2. Promote collaboration.
  3. Establish efficient KPIs.

Download the whitepaper

[Blogpost] How to Prepare Your Datasets for Machine Learning and Analysis

Is your data measuring what you think it’s measuring? Is your dataset clean? Are your variables balanced? Is your dataset representative? Are you measuring your models’ true performance?

In this blogpost Jodie Burchell, Developer Advocate for data science at JetBrains, explains how to approach these fundamental questions to avoid common pitfalls when preparing your dataset for machine learning. 

Read the blogpost

[Podcast] Following an unconventional data science career track

Spend a cozy January evening listening to a Super Data Science Podcast episode with Jodie Burchell, and learn how she transitioned from psychology to machine learning and later become a Developer Advocate for data science at JetBrains.

Listen to the episode

[Webinar recording + Notebook] How to Leverage Data Science to Improve Micro-Mobility Use

Why would people refrain from using micro-mobility devices such as electric bikes and scooters? What kinds of trips does micro-mobility replace? How can we optimize a micro-mobility system to maximize its impact?

In this webinar, Diogo Valente Polónia and João Matos from the sustainability research group Holin will take us through a practical case on how data science can be leveraged to answer all of these questions. They will also provide a data-driven strategy to increase the usage and impact of micro-mobility solutions. They’ve developed a Python-based methodology that includes Geospatial Indexing, Feature Engineering, Predictive Scoring, and Score Optimization to solve sustainability issues like this one.

Open the tutorial notebook

We hope this content inspires you to upgrade your data science skills in 2023! Along the way, Datalore will be there to help automate routine workflows so you can focus on the exciting, creative part of data science.  

Kind regards,

The Datalore team

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