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What’s New in Datalore Enterprise 2023.5

Hello everyone,

Datalore Enterprise 2023.5 is out! The new version enables you to conveniently open recent notebooks from the editor, features database connections using custom JDBC drivers, Snowflake, and BigQuery OAuth authentication methods, and brings a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

Upgrade to 2023.5

New Open notebook dialog in the editor

You can now conveniently open recent notebooks right from the editor. Head to the Main menu, click on File, and choose Open. From here, you can either search for a particular notebook or pick one from your Recent activity list.

New Open notebook dialog in the editor

Custom JDBC driver support

The latest update allows you to connect to databases not natively supported in Datalore Enterprise with custom JDBC drivers. Get in touch with your Datalore administrator and direct them to the Admin panel | Miscellaneous. From there, they can use the New custom database driver dialog to select and upload the necessary driver files from the local system.

Custom JDBC driver support in Datalore

Snowflake and BigQuery OAuth authentication methods

Securely connect to Snowflake and BigQuery with OAuth directly from Datalore Enterprise. Select this option within the authentication methods available in the New Snowflake / BigQuery connection dialog. You can choose whether this authentication works for just one session (without tokens) or for multiple sessions and users (with tokens).

Snowflake and BigQuery OAuth authentication methods in Datalore

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Datalore now offers table name parametrization to keep your data secure from SQL injection via an unsafe parameter filter in the query syntax.
  • Sessions for each data source are started proactively (as soon as the machine starts up) to make sure all SQL cells used in a report are executed in a timely manner.
  • We introduced an Empty trash button to clear all deleted items.
  • We fixed the issue with multiple Git repos having different authentication keys.
  • We added a Note field to the Ban user confirmation dialog to provide reasons for the action.
  • Dynamic height is now enabled for more than one cell in a row in the Report builder.
  • Users are now notified of interactive report recalculations without delays.

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The Datalore team

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