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Introducing the Revamped Datalore UI – Built for Focus

Working with data can be overwhelming, especially when you spend a lot of time merging, cleaning, and preprocessing messy datasets.

At Datalore, our goal is to help data teams become more productive. We believe that focus and flow state are crucial for data scientists to realize their full potential and enjoy what they do. 

Today, we’re introducing a redesign that aims to make Datalore notebooks appear simpler, cleaner, and ultimately more zen. The new design helps you:

  • Find your flow during data science research, while having all essential tools just a click away.
  • Become organized with a sticky switch for toggling between worksheets. 
  • Feel more confident when sharing your insights with stakeholders, thanks to cleaner-looking reports.

Stone stacking – the ultimate data science experience 

Through the years, we’ve made essential data science tools easily accessible from Datalore notebooks: data connections, interactive table filtering and sorting, no-code visualizations, dataset statistics, Ask AI, integrated reporting, and more – we’ve established a solid foundation and started stacking stones on top of it. 

However, with the addition of these powerful tools, we had to rebalance our statue by inserting another cornerstone into the foundation. This is when the idea of a redesign came in. 

What has changed

In early 2023, our team began re-evaluating the look and feel of Datalore with the major goal of bringing the focus back to the notebook canvas – the central space where data scientists should focus most of their attention.

We have started gradually implementing the new design, and so far, we have rolled out the following changes:

Notebook canvas

  • The sticky notebook title and worksheet selector are now always at the top.
  • The Insert code cell button has been aligned to the left of the notebook canvas.
  • Reports have been updated to look cleaner following the updates to the editor.
  • Notebook status notifications now appear at the bottom center and are thus harder to miss. 


  • The Sharing, Build report, and Run actions are now available at the top of the notebook.
  • The computation status bar has been moved to the bottom right corner.
  • The menu and the left sidebar have been de-emphasized, with the main focus now on the notebook canvas.
  • The icons have been updated.

Try now

What’s next

The redesign doesn’t stop here. The next steps will be:

  1. Revamping side panel content.
  2. Continuing to fine-tune the notebook canvas.
  3. Redesigning the file system.

Try the new UI and share your thoughts

Datalore Community, Professional, and Team users can already try the new UI online at Datalore Enterprise customers will get access as part of the 2023.6 version set to be released within a week.

Share what you think about the new UI by sending us an email at The team always appreciates your feedback as it helps us set the direction of the Datalore roadmap. 

The Datalore team

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