Finally Something Fun for Your Inbox – DataLead Season 1

Hi there!

At Datalore, we’re launching the first season of DataLead. It’s a unique kind of newsletter – like a TV show but about data. Get ready to dive into the lives of our two DataLeaders, Sarita and José, as they navigate the data-related challenges of 2024.

For Sarita, a lead data analyst at a London-based fintech company, this will be the year she embraces new technologies to provide quicker insights to stakeholders, while also integrating generative AI into her team’s workflows.

For José, a staff data scientist at a tech giant nestled in the heart of California’s Bay Area, this year will see him refine the company’s recommendation system and migrate from an in-house data science platform. If all that wasn’t enough, he’ll also be dealing with the launch of his own AI startup to boot.

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