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Kotlin on JetBrains Academy: Learn the Basics for Free or Master Your Skills

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Today we have great news for learners who are looking to develop new programming skills – a new Kotlin Basics track is now available on JetBrains Academy! It provides all the Kotlin essentials to give you a feel for this popular programming language as you build fully functional applications. As the company behind Kotlin, we’re providing individual learners with free access to the track!

If you already have a grasp of Kotlin and want to build on your skills, we have something for you, too. Thanks to our learners’ feedback and input, the Kotlin Developer track has just graduated from Beta! Take advantage of this subscription track to challenge yourself with more advanced projects and gain more in-depth knowledge of Kotlin.

Because of recent changes to JetBrains Academy, new users who choose to learn programming with our free tracks, like Kotlin Basics, will be automatically assigned to the Free plan. This way you can start learning right away at no cost without starting a free trial. If you select a subscription track, like Kotlin Developer, you’ll start a free trial before needing to make a decision about purchasing a subscription. Even better, you can extend your free 7-day trial by up to 2 months when working on your first project!

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Why learn Kotlin?

Easy to learn. When picking up a new language, the learning curve is always a factor. Kotlin’s syntax is simple to grasp even for beginners, and almost effortless for those with previous programming experience.

Multiplatform. Because it is a language that supports multiplatform targets, you can run Kotlin on virtually any device these days, be it a PC or a Mac, and also as native code. You can also reduce the time you spend writing and maintaining the same code for those platforms by sharing Kotlin code across them.

Android development. Google has named Kotlin as the preferred way to develop for Android. There are more than 3 million applications on the Google Play Store and more are being added every day. Learn Kotlin and join in today!

To find out how else you can benefit from learning Kotlin, check out Why Learn Kotlin from the Kotlin team.

Take the Kotlin Basics track for free

Starting your journey with Kotlin is easy. Register at JetBrains Academy, choose the Kotlin Basics track, select a project, and start learning. The track is available at no cost – you don’t even have to start a trial.


Many teams contributed to making the Kotlin Basics track. The Kotlin team at JetBrains, who created this programming language, helped us enormously to make this release happen. Their expertise and attention to detail have made it possible to create quality educational materials for Kotlin that we all are proud to offer.

Kotlin Basics presents 10 real-world projects of different proficiency levels, over 120 educational topics, and more than 300 coding challenges! It also allows you to use all the powerful features of JetBrains Academy platform while learning Kotlin. For instance, a personalized study plan divided into several stages of increasing complexity will help you gradually expand your knowledge in Kotlin without getting overwhelmed.


Integration with JetBrains IDEs lets you get experience with professional development tools as you learn programming.


The Knowledge map shows how all the topics are connected at a glance. It will help you find the gaps in your knowledge and show you the topics you can learn to fill them.

With no prior experience, you’ll be able to create working applications, such as a chatbot or your own converter that handles weight, temperature units, and distance! With step-by-step guidance from JetBrains Academy, you’ll gain new development skills while building your developer portfolio. Give Kotlin Basics a try!

Advance your Kotlin skills with the Kotlin Developer track

Already know the basics and would like to level up your skills in Kotlin? Then the Kotlin Developer track, which has just graduated from Beta, has got you covered. If you are new to JetBrains Academy, you can start a free 7-day trial with the Kotlin Developer track and extend it by up to 2 months by working on your first project! To do that, complete the first stage of your project within the first 7 days and have your trial extended by 1 month. If you finish your first project within that first month, you will have one more month added to your trial – no payment information required.


This track has matured a lot since its creation. We received and processed valuable feedback from our learners, tested the user experience through and through, and polished all theory tasks and code challenges in the track.

More than 28,000 learners are already taking the Kotlin Developer track, where they are trying more advanced programming practices in Kotlin and honing their developer skills with 11 interactive projects, 219 topics, and more than 330 code challenges.

The Kotlin Developer track introduces you to fundamental programming topics that you’ll need to become a Kotlin developer, from working with string analysis and multidimensional arrays to implementing algorithms and performing image manipulation. This is based on the project-based approach to learning, in which you follow up on each theory topic by building a working application.

Vlad-Emil Flore, a JetBrains Academy learner, shared his impression of this approach and the Kotlin Developer track:

“I find it useful and motivating to be working on real projects. Having an application to work on and at the same time learning new things is, in my opinion, the best combo to keep yourself motivated and to really cement that knowledge. Overall, it is one of the best learning experiences I have ever had!”

As you master Kotlin, you will be supported by the helpful features in JetBrains Academy. For example, some of our more experienced learners prefer working on their projects right in JetBrains IDEs. This way, they can both rely on smart coding assistance to facilitate their learning process and get used to specialized development tools that are a must in the profession. The projects you complete while learning can also be published on GitHub to strengthen your developer portfolio and resume.

Whether you’d like to just check out Kotlin or you aspire to become a Kotlin developer, we hope you’ll find our Kotlin Basic and Kotlin Developer tracks useful!

Your feedback means a lot to us. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions here in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit.

Keep learning,
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