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EduTools Plugin 2021.10 Is Available

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Version 2021.10 of the EduTools plugin is now out! It comes with new features for the Codeforces and JetBrains Academy integrations, as well as a number of improvements and bug fixes. Read on to learn more!


Codeforces: check out current and upcoming contests

Would you like to give yourself a programming challenge? Then Codeforces may be right for you! Codeforces is a platform with hundreds of programming competitions. You can now check out the current and upcoming contests by going to the Select Course window and clicking Codeforces. Find the ones you like in the Current & Upcoming group, register, and break a leg!

JetBrains Academy: complete data tasks right from your IDE

When working on data tasks at JetBrains Academy, users are required to download a dataset, process it locally using their code, and upload the result back to the platform for grading. You can now work on such tasks right in your IDE, which means you can enjoy the full development experience while learning! If a data task is time-sensitive, you’ll also see how much time is left for you to complete it.

Notable improvements and bug fixes

  • EDU-4604 (Task): A tooltip is shown after a dataset is downloaded.
  • EDU-4635 (Bug): Fixed the issue causing the progress of Marketplace courses to be reset after course updates.
  • EDU-4618 (Bug): Fixed the issue that made it impossible to start Codeforces contests.
  • EDU-4556 (Bug): Fixed the issue that made it impossible to edit a course if the user had already opened it as a student.

For the full list of enhancements and bug fixes, please see our release notes.
You can install the EduTools plugin or update to the latest version of it right from Settings (Preferences for macOS) | Plugins in IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, Android Studio, CLion, or GoLand.

Please share your feedback here in the comments, on Twitter, or through our issue tracker. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!

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