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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in October

Looking back at October, Halloween was the highlight of the month. Our very first Math project was, as well! If you are brave enough to try your hand at haunted matrices, spooky probability theory and sometimes pretty scary linear algebra, this project will be just right for you. As with other JetBrains Academy projects, this one is divided into several stages of increasing complexity, so you don’t get overwhelmed (or scared).

Note that this project, as with other projects marked as Alpha or Beta, is still in the early stages of testing. In order to see beta projects on the platform, you need to have the Beta tester feature enabled in your profile settings.

There were lots of worthwhile content updates in October. Overall, we added 48 new topics and 5 projects to JetBrains Academy. Check them out!

What’s new in Java

Projects: Graph-Algorithms Visualizer (Beta), Inventory and POS System (Beta)

What’s new in Python

Project: Algorithms with IMDB (Beta)

The Honest Calculator project is no longer in testing and was publicly released in October.

What’s new in Kotlin


What’s new in Android


What’s new in Frontend


What’s new in Go


What’s new in Scala

Topics: Defining new collections, Introduction to pattern matching, Loops, Modifying collections, Strings

What’s new in Data Science

Topics: Decision tree with sklearn

What’s new in Math

Project: Matrices and Population Genetics (Alpha)
Topics: Special discrete distributions, Diagonalization of matrices

What’s new in Fundamentals


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