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Introducing JetBrains Academy Certificates of Completion

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Since 2019, when we first released the Early Access Program of JetBrains Academy, we’ve carefully listened to your feedback, added each feature request to our backlog, and we are implementing them one by one. Certificates of completion have been on our list of things to do for quite some time, and it took a lot of effort for our team to finally release it. But that’s what makes this news even more exciting! That’s right – you can now earn a certificate of completion with JetBrains Academy!


Getting a certificate of completion is the perfect way to showcase the skills you’ve gained through your learning, help you stand out in the job market, and advance your career. JetBrains Academy certificates are personalized and can be easily attached to your résumé or LinkedIn profile. You can access your certificate or download it at any time through your JetBrains Academy profile.

We prepared a list of questions you may have regarding this new feature. If you don’t find your question in the list, drop it in the comments below and we’ll be happy to try to answer you!

How can I earn a certificate of completion?
How do I know when a track is completed?
Does my current progress count?
Can I get a certificate for completing a free or beta track?
Does a JetBrains Academy certificate carry weight in the job market?

How can I earn a certificate of completion?

You have to complete your learning track. While completing a track might not be that easy, you’ll have an exciting journey into the world of programming with fun real-world projects, lots of coding challenges, and a community of learners that is always there for you.

How do I know when the track is completed?

In order to complete the track, you need to complete at least 95% of all the topics in your track and apply at least 95% of the core topics by working on projects. The latter requirement ensures that you can put your knowledge into practice by building real applications, which is essential for your future career. You also need to complete at least one graduate project. If your track has no projects, you can finish it by completing at least 95% of all the topics.

Depending on the track, the number of topics and projects and time required to complete them varies. The progress bar of your track will help you see the number of topics you’ve completed and how many remain to complete the track. To check your progress, click on the Track button in the top menu.

Does my current progress count?

Yes, the progress you’ve made before we introduced the certificates will stay intact. If at least one graduate project and all core topics are completed, your track will be marked as Completed in the Track menu. Go ahead and check your profile – your personalized certificate might already be waiting for you!

Can I get a certificate for completing a free or beta track?

You can only earn a certificate with an active subscription. Learners enrolled with the Free plan, who do not have an active subscription, will not be able to earn a certificate.

There is no certification program on beta tracks. If you worked on a track before it was released out of beta, your progress will be saved, and you’ll be able to receive a certificate once the track is completed.

Does a JetBrains Academy certificate carry weight in the job market?

By the end of the track, you will have developed the skills to prepare you for job interviews and your future career. Check out this interview with a JetBrains Academy student who succeeded in his technical interview and got the job he was applying for. In addition, the more complex projects are inspired by test assignments for junior and middle developer positions. However, we do not have any special agreements with IT companies and therefore can’t make any guarantees.

We hope that you find this news exciting! Let us know if you are up for the challenge to earn a certificate, or if you have already earned one by using the #JetBrainsAcademyCertificate hashtag! We’ll share the posts of the most dedicated learners with our community on Twitter and Facebook to keep you inspired and motivated.

Keep learning,
Your JetBrains Academy team

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