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Educational Courses on Marketplace: November Update

Our platform keeps expanding, and we are glad to present our own latest updates and recently published courses by other authors.

AMazing by Educational Products

This is a course by JetBrains Educational Products in which you will learn to create a perfect maze with Python. You’ll generate a 2D maze using Depth First Search (DFS) – an algorithm that treats a completed maze as a tree. The target audience is anyone with a bit of experience in Python programming. The course includes complementary exercises for an upcoming JetBrains robotics museum exposition demonstrating how Reinforcement Learning can be used to solve a maze. You don’t need to go to the Museum to complete this course – although visiting would certainly be fun! The second part of the course will involve making a maze solver based on Reinforcement Learning.


ML-101 by Educational Products

We’re continuing to expand the materials for machine learning beginners (available only in Russian for the time being). We’ve added lessons about Neural Networks, the Bayes classifier, and Decision trees. All the materials are still in the early access phase, and we are currently studying the learner experience.


Atomic Kotlin by Educational Products

Exercises accompanying the Atomic Kotlin book by Svetlana Isakova and Bruce Eckel were published. Atomic Kotlin attempts not to overwhelm students and commits to the following principles: 

  • No forward references.
  • No references to other programming languages. 
  • Show, don’t tell. Instead of verbally describing a feature, authors prefer giving examples of code and output.
  • Practice before theory. The course tries to show the mechanics of the language first, and then explain why certain features exist. This is “backwards” in comparison with traditional teaching, but it often works better.

The course is for both dedicated novices with no coding experience and experienced programmers starting with Kotlin. By the end of the course, all students will have a solid foundation in Kotlin.


Rustlings by Educational Products

The course was updated to match version 4.6.0 of the source:

  • Added exercises “Use Statement” (modules3), “Advanced Errors”, and “Advanced Errors 2″.
  • Updated exercises “Reference Order”, “From Str”, “Try From Into”, “Public Modifier 2”, “Reference Order”, and “Calculate Price”.


Introductory Kotlin workshop for programmers

This course includes materials accompanying an introductory workshop to the world of Kotlin created by David Stibbe and Ali Meshkat. It is good for anyone with a bit of programming experience and an interest in learning Kotlin. While completing the assignments, you will explore the most important aspects of the Kotlin language and learn how to apply them. The course materials are based on the official Kotlin documentation.


PRG03 – Javascript

This Dutch-language course in native Javascript was developed for first-year students at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. The course doesn’t use any libraries or frameworks, and everything is done from the ground up so that students learn how Javascript works. The course is divided into 6 chapters: from basics, such as variables and strings, to Web APIs and asynchronous communication with an external web service. All the knowledge acquired from this course is necessary to complete the final assignment, in which students will need to call an external API and handle its response.

PRG03 – Javascript

CNE 335 Network Programming in Python II

This course reviews the basics and introduces students to more advanced topics in the Python programming language. You will apply object-oriented principles to write multi-file programs, use modules to quickly build complex software, and learn to write informative documentation. The final assignment requires designing an access control system. 

CNE 335 Network Programming in Python II

​{ this is Kotlin }​

This course consists of exercises supporting the { this is Kotlin } course. It is an introductory Kotlin course, so no previous Kotlin knowledge is required, but you do need to have some coding experience. The target audience includes Java programmers who want to switch to Kotlin, but Java knowledge is not a necessary prerequisite. The course covers a wide range of topics, from simple functions and classes to OOP and generics. The first lesson provides a high-level overview of the Kotlin language while the following lessons cover the language concepts in more detail.

{ this is Kotlin }​

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