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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in November

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The holiday season has already started around the world, and on behalf of the JetBrains Academy team, we wish you a December full of joy and celebration! Meanwhile, it’s also time for us to look back on November, and share all the content updates and highlights of the month. 

In total, we created 6 new projects and added more than 50 new educational topics:

Java tracks

🆕 Project: Account Service (Beta)
🆕 Topics: 

Python tracks

🆕 Projects: Recipe Builder API (Beta), Opinion Detector (Beta), Regex Tester (Beta)
🆕 Topics: 

Kotlin tracks

🆕 Project: Indigo Card Game (Beta)
🆕 Topics: 

Frontend Developer track

🆕 Project: Hyperskill Cafe (Beta)
🆕 Topics: 


🆕 Topics:

Data science

🆕 Topics: Handling missing values, Train and test sets, ID3 algorithm, The Jaccard similarity index, Introduction to matplotlib, Matplotlib box plot, Matplotlib bar chart, Matplotlib pie chart


🆕 Topics: Expected value of discrete random variable, Continuous random variable, Vector operations, Limits of sequences, Singular value decomposition, Linear combinations and linear independence, Vector dot product, Vectors, matrices, scalars


🆕 Topics:

Note that projects marked as Beta are still in the early stages of testing. In order to see Beta projects on the platform, you need to have the Beta tester feature enabled in your profile settings.

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Keep learning,
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