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Updates About Educational Courses on Marketplace

We are happy to share updates about our Marketplace courses! In a previous blog post, we introduced major content updates that happened between June and mid-November 2021. Lots of improvements and new courses have been released since then, and we thought now would be a good time to take a closer look at them!

Just as a reminder before we dive in – Marketplace hosts JetBrains and community-created courses that you can take right inside your Educational IDE or in IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, Android Studio, CLion, or GoLand if you install the EduTools Plugin. To start learning, simply navigate to File | Learn and Teach | Browse Courses | Marketplace, edit the selection of languages in the top right corner if needed, and pick the course you like! At the moment, all Marketplace courses are completely free. 

Now, let’s get to the updates!

New courses

Machine Learning 101 in English by Educational Products

Our machine learning course for beginners is now available in English! The course covers basic machine learning concepts and algorithms – from the simplest classifiers to neural networks. All of the algorithms are discussed in detail, and you are guided step-by-step through implementing them. Each lesson can be taken independently of the others, but for a complete experience, we recommend going through all of them.

ML-101 is in the early access phase. We are currently studying the learner experience, and we highly appreciate any feedback you have on the course that will help us improve it!

TRY ML 101

Python Libraries – NumPy by Educational Products

This is a brand new introductory course about the most popular Python library and the most widely used package for scientific computing in Python – NumPy. It provides multidimensional array objects and different derived objects (such as masked arrays and matrices), as well as a wide variety of ways to manipulate arrays. NumPy arrays facilitate advanced mathematical operations on large datasets.

The course covers ndarrays and operations on them, along with some possible applications. It includes many hands-on examples of code implementation and exercises to practice your new skills. The course is based on the official NumPy documentation.

Discover NumPy

Academlo – JavaScript Course in Spanish

In this Spanish-language JavaScript course, you will learn how to work with different types of data, such as numbers, strings, arrays, and objects, as well as with the methods available for them.

This course was created as an addition to the Academlo web development basics module. Much of the course is based on, and can be solved with, the information from W3Schools.

Academlo – JavaScript

Python GUI with Tkinter

This course offers learning materials for students interested in developing cross-platform desktop applications with Python’s built-in Tkinter module.

The course includes two sections, going from basic to intermediate, each with a range of examples and exercises on building apps with buttons, data entry widgets, and menus. These exercises guide you through the development of a strategy game with a computer opponent (that doesn’t cheat!) and a simple drawing app.

Python GUI with Tkinter

Enchant Codelabs

Level up your skills with the Enchant architecture stack, the most concise way to develop architecture components in Kotlin Multiplatform. You’ll create a full MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) “counter” application with just a few lines of code. Then, you’ll learn about developing models with Flare, a multiplatform Firebase client, and how to develop ViewModels with Magic, an architecture library that facilitates crafting high-quality reactive ViewModels. If you know a little bit of Kotlin and want to develop full-stack apps, this course is perfect for you!

Enchant Codelabs


Introduction to Python

The testing system for the course was fully reworked and now provides more detailed and relevant error messages. Many user-reported and other bugs were fixed. 

New tasks were added, including ‘Nested Lists’, ‘Nested Loops’, ‘List Comprehension’, ‘Nested List Comprehension’, and ‘Executing Modules as Scripts’.

Machine Learning-101 in Russian

A brand-new lesson was added! ‘Pima Indians Diabetes and Linear Classifier’ guides you through building a simple classification model employing the widely used gradient descent algorithm, which, despite its simplicity, provides quite reliable classification results. This lesson uses the classic Pima Indians Diabetes dataset, containing several medical predictor variables and one target variable, “Outcome”, showing whether or not a patient has diabetes.

These are all the important content updates for now!

Every task in JetBrains courses now has a link to a feedback form pre-filled with the task name. If you have any content-related feedback or issues to report please feel free to use this form. You just need to describe your problem and submit it, and the issue will automatically appear in our GitHub issue tracker.

If you are thinking of creating a course on our platform, please consult our Educator’s Guide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy learning and teaching!

Your Educational Products team

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