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JavaScript for Beginners on JetBrains Academy

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These days, it is difficult to find sites that are not interactive. Think sliders, web galleries, animation, and whatever other interactive events that pop up when you press a button. The ability to process user input and the capacity to send and receive data from servers are just a couple of the dynamic behaviors provided by JavaScript. It’s no wonder that, according to the State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 report, JavaScript (or simply “JS”) has become the most popular programming language.

So if you are thinking about getting into programming, JavaScript is a great choice for starting your journey. To help you with that, we are happy to introduce our new track on JetBrains Academy – JavaScript for Beginners!

Get Started with JavaScript

What you’ll learn

During this track, you’ll start with very basic JavaScript concepts, then proceed to the fundamental language constructs, and finish with your own projects that can be published on GitHub. You’ll also gain essential skills in this widely used programming language, including:

✅ Building JavaScript programs step by step
✅ Using data types and variables
✅ Using conditions, cycles, and arrays
✅ Creating debug functions
✅ Writing clean and highly maintainable code
✅ Coding in WebStorm, the JavaScript IDE from JetBrains

You will never be alone on this track. By starting JavaScript for Beginners, you’ll join a community of more than 500,000 JetBrains Academy learners. You can discuss what you’ve learned, complete tasks together, and give others a hand by answering each other’s questions.

Projects you’ll build

This track gives you access to more than 80 coding tasks and 100 educational topics! It offers 4 real-world projects of different proficiency levels that you’ll complete step by step in an interactive learning environment. Let’s take a look at a few of the projects:

Zookeeper. Easy, 5 hours.

In this project, you will create a tool for helping the local zoo look after its denizens while learning the basics of JavaScript syntax and how to work with variables and data storage types, such as lists and while loops.

Simple Currency Converter. Medium, 7 hours.

In this project, you will write a program that converts one provided currency to another, for example Japanese yen to US dollars. In addition, you will improve your programming skills with JavaScript using advanced variables, conditions, loops, and functions.

Coffee Machine. Challenging, 8 hours.

In this project, you will work on a coffee machine simulator. This machine uses regular ingredients – coffee, milk, and plastic cups. If it runs out of something, it will show you a notification. Our device will serve espresso, cappuccino, and latte, and will also charge coffee lovers for a cup. You’ll get experience with functions while challenging yourself with loops and conditions.

What’s next

Upon completing the track, you’ll receive a personalized certificate. You can download it at any time in your JetBrains Academy profile. It can also be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

You may also want to check out the Frontend Developer track, which will help you advance your knowledge of JavaScript. It will help you make web pages and applications that work with all devices and browsers, as well as teach you all about React, one of the most trending JS libraries.

We hope you’ll enjoy studying JavaScript with us! If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at

Keep learning!
Your JetBrains Academy team

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