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Hour of Code: Top 5 Kotlin Projects

Today marks the third day of the Hour of Code celebration! If you missed our previous posts, check out the most popular Python and Java projects on JetBrains Academy. Our next topic is dedicated to one of the most loved programming languages — Kotlin.

Kotlin is a modern cross-platform and multi-purpose programming language. It has a wide variety of applications and is used in mobile — both Android and iOS – server-side and client-side web development and in data science. 

If you are interested in developing mobile applications, Kotlin is a great choice. In 2019, Google announced Kotlin as its preferred language for Android developers. Currently, more than 95% of the top 1000 Android apps contain Kotlin code.

Whether you want to create mobile apps, become a web developer, or start a career in data science, these Kotlin projects will be a great addition to your learning journey.

🐼 Zookeeper (Easy)

This is a very beginner-friendly project, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of learners choose it as their first project. In Zookeeper, you will help a local zoo keep an eye on the condition of the animals that live there. You will understand the basics of Kotlin syntax, get familiar with variables and different data storage types, and learn to work with while loops.

⚪️ Connect Four (Medium)

There’s nothing greater than a cup of hot coffee during a break. Even better if it’s just one button of the coffee machine away. With this project, you will program your own coffee machine! You will be able to select the desired amount of milk and sugar and order three different types of coffee: espresso, cappuccino, and latte. This project will help you better understand the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP), teach you how to work with classes, class methods, and attributes, and check your knowledge of loops and conditions.

💣 Minesweeper (Medium)

Minesweeper is a classic PC game that rose to popularity as a part of Microsoft’s OS standard package. The game features a grid with hidden mines scattered throughout the board. Your task is to clear the board without detonating any mines. Thankfully, there are hints about the number of neighboring mines in each field. With this project, you will learn to work with lists and gain a deeper understanding of algorithms used for generating fields and processing the player’s input.

⬛️ Pawns-Only Chess (Medium)

No one can say that learning programming is not fun as long as all your projects are games. Almost everyone knows the basic rules of chess, so let’s mix it up a little. This project will help you create a chess game where every figure is a pawn. To complete Pawns-Only Chess, you will need to show your understanding of strings, lists, conditions, and loops. As a result, you will create a great game to pass time with your family and friends.

🔍 Simple Search Engine (Challenging)

Everyone started somewhere. Who knows, maybe this project will set you on the path of developing the next Google! With Simple Search Engine, you will create your own search engine that can process a limited amount of data and search for a specific word or phrase. You will practice working with files, using a console, and optimizing the search process in your app.

Let’s keep each other motivated during this week! Share with us your favorite projects and learning experiences at JetBrains Academy using the hashtags #HourOfCode and #JetBrainsAcademy on social media.

Happy Hour of Code!
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