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Fleet 1.28 Is Now Available With AI Assistant, Improvements to the Run and Debug Tool, and Other Updates

Coding with Fleet just got faster with generative AI

Today we announced JetBrains AI Assistant, which brings powerful new features including AI chat, AI-based refactoring and code completion, and the ability to generate documentation and commit messages. These new capabilities are available in the 2023.3 versions of all our commercial IDEs and ReSharper, as well as in Fleet.

AI Assistant offers a faster and even more efficient way to work with Fleet. In June 2023, we announced limited access to the AI-powered features. Now you can explore the improved Fleet experience and sign up for a 7-day trial to begin chatting with AI on programming topics, generating code and documentation, or getting help in the terminal.

To start the free trial, select AI Assistant from the Tools menu or invoke an AI-powered action from the Actions menu, and then log in using your JetBrains Account.

Fleet 1.28: AI Assistant trial

The JetBrains team worked very hard on AI Assistant and we want to make sure it meets your needs, so please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

What else is new in 1.28?

AI Assistant is an exciting new improvement, but there are even more features to explore in 1.28:

Fleet 1.28: Run and Debug updates
  • You can now group files by directory in the Diff History view. This means that when comparing files, you can effortlessly navigate and analyze changes within the context of their respective directories. We expect this change will help you maintain a clear and organized overview of your code changes, saving you time and effort.
Fleet 1.28: group files by directory in the Diff view
Fleet 1.28: Show All Duplicates Like This
Fleet 1.28: Completion for PHP settings
  • We’ve rolled out a beta version of AI-driven code completion for Terraform. The feature understands your project’s context, offering tailored suggestions that align with your specific development needs. We value your feedback about this feature, especially during this beta phase, as your insights are crucial to our work of refining and perfecting it.
Fleet 1.28: AI-driven code completion for Terraform

With the AI Assistant release introducing so many new improvements to Fleet, this major update offers a wide range of new features for you to explore. We hope you like them! See the full release notes and the documentation for more details about the update.

Please report any issues you encounter to our issue tracker.

P.S. Support for plugins and plugin APIs is a work in progress, but the list of bundled plugins is now available and visible to everyone. To view it, select Plugins in the Actions menu.

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