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A cross-platform Go IDE with extended support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and databases


Help us Choose a Name for our Go IDE

As you may know, Gogland is the codename for our new Go IDE that we’re building on top of IntelliJ Platform. While we’re working hard on the IDE itself, trying to make it fast and smart, we’re also brainstorming its final name. This is something you can contribute to!

Gopher illustration by Renee French

Gopher illustration by Renee French

Please share your suggestions with us here in the comments, or by replying to the official tweet or Facebook post.

The name will be chosen by the JetBrains team hopefully in the next week. Later we will announce it with one the upcoming posts.

What name are we looking for? Something easy to pronounce. Easy to spell. Ideally, a one-word name (that hopefully isn’t someone else’s trademark). On the other hand, don’t be limited by any rules. Suggest what you think is best. All ideas are welcome!

If your name is chosen, you stand to get a spiffy prize (it’s a secret for now) along with a free 1-year subscription to all JetBrains products!


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