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GoLand 2018.1.3 Update is Here

For a couple of weeks we’ve been rather busy addressing your feedback, and here’s an update to keep you in the loop with what exactly was done. Welcome GoLand 2018.1.3, a fresh update, that, though doesn’t bring noticeable Go-specific improvements, comes with lots of bug fixes and improvements related to the UI and JavaScript and SQL support.

The update is available via Toolbox App, or you can still install it the old way, by using the Check for Updates menu in GoLand itself, or (why not) just download a copy of installer our website.

Here’s the list of most interesting changes that come with this update:

  • For side-effects import statement, code completion now includes non-JavaScript files as well, e.g. CSS.
  • GoLand now displays the type inferred by Flow server as a part of Brief Info that pops up when hovering an expression holding Ctrl or Cmd
  • Angular 6 improvements along with integration with Angular CLI 6 blueprints
  • TypeScript code completion updated according to the TSLint rules
  • Flow support within Vue files
  • Find Usages on SQL files now includes the DDL Data Sources that use them
  • Support for .sqlite/.sqlite3 files
  • Run SQL Script action now available in the Database (on a data source or a scheme) and Project (on the file) tool windows. This action can be used to import data from SQL dump files.
  • Fixed Z-order of child windows that was broken in one of the earlier builds is broken no more.

For more a more detailed report, see the release note.

P.S. EAP for GoLand 2018.2 is around the corner, and it will bring lots of goodies, so stay tuned!

Happy developing!

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