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Early Access Program Features

GoLand 2019.1 EAP 2: Extract Interface refactoring, Smart Step Into gets highlighting for methods, many improvements for VCS

GoLand 2019.1 EAP 2 is available for download!

Get this new EAP build via Toolbox App, from the website, as a snap package (for Linux), or right in GoLand – just select Automatically check updates for Early Access Program in Preferences / Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

If you don’t want to wait for announcements to try new features, here you are! During the entire Early Access Program, we provide fresh builds based on the latest development code. Nightly builds are available only via Toolbox App. Note that the quality of nightly builds is usually below our normal standards, they don’t have release notes, and like EAP builds they also expire 30 days after their release.

Now that you are fully aware of all the possible ways to get EAP builds, let’s dig into the new features!

Extract Interface refactoring

The Extract Interface refactoring helps you quickly create a new interface based on the selected type. The Extract Interface dialog shows a list of suggested members to be transferred to the new interface. You can specify a name for the interface and choose the file, directory, or package where it should be placed. If the type already implements any interfaces, it will be automatically excluded from the list.

Please note, that this feature is still under development.



Smart Step Into gets highlighting for methods

As you probably know, the Smart Step Into action lets you choose a call to step into while debugging. Now, it highlights a particular function call in an expression when you select it via the popup menu.


VCS updates

The Log tab in VCS gets Fixup and Squash Into actions to create commits with the correct fixup! and squash! messages.


Also, you can now use the context menu on the Log tab to cherry-pick selected files from the commit.


If you Go to Preferences/Settings | Version Control | Git and select Mark Branches that have incoming/outgoing commits in the Branches popup, the IDE will indicate if the incoming and outgoing commits are available for individual branches in the Branches popup.


Also, in the Version Control window, there is now a Recently Deleted node on the Shelf tab which shows all the recently deleted files and helps you restore any of them.

In addition, the IDE gives you a choice to display the initials of authors instead or their full name in the VCS annotations.


Noticeable bug-fixes

GO-6790Copy Stack, available in the Debugger tab by right-clicking on the goroutine list, copies the whole frame stack to the copy/paste buffer.
GO-6146 — GoLand doesn’t show a warning for a redundant import alias if the import alias is different from the package directory.
GO-6740 — The IDE adds an import alias when a package name doesn’t match the import path.


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