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What’s next: GoLand 2019.2 roadmap

Two weeks ago we released GoLand 2019.1 with built-in Memory, CPU, Mutex, and Block profilers, many new debugger features such as Smart Step Into, the new release also included Extract Interface refactoring, Nilness Analyzer, some handy updates for Go Modules, customizable UI themes, and even more goodies that were packed inside on top of that.

If you haven’t checked out these new features yet, head on over to our what’s new page. Or, if you would prefer to watch rather than read, then we have this short 5-minute video for you.

Let me just please take a second to say a big thank you to all the people, who have shared their product experience, feedback, and suggestions with us. Every insight we get from you helps us deliver to you an even better IDE with each release and EAP build!

In fact, we have been so inspired by your feedback, that we have already planned everything out for the upcoming release and want to take this time to share it with you! Let’s go behind the scenes and have a look at what’s coming your way.

Previously, as a token of our gratitude we presented the most active evaluators with a free 1-year subscription for GoLand. However, we have decided to add on top of that a special edition t-shirt. Of course with gophers on the front!


Meet the wonderful folks who have resolutely contributed their feedback to help us create an even better GoLand:

  • Roland Illig (YouTrack username: roland.illig)
  • Max Neverov (YouTrack username: nmax)
  • Gabriel Nelle (YouTrack username: nelle)
  • Mike Schinkel (YouTrack username: mikeschinkel)

You will receive an email with details soon.

Now on to our roadmap!

GoLand 2019.2 Roadmap

Please note we can’t guarantee that all of the features listed below will be included in GoLand 2019.2.

Remote development

The next release will get remote developing via Docker.

We had it in the plans for 2019.1, but, you know, sometimes things go wrong.

Support for Go 1.13 language changes

Code Completion

Smart Code Completion for arguments of make/new calls.


  • Better presentation for the Watches panel: Hex, Time format, and more.
  • An option to filter frames based on the contents of the stack to help make it easier for you to find specific stacks.


  • Quick-fixes for Change Signature refactoring: add/remove parameters and return parameters.
  • Support the extracting method with returns.

Intention Actions

We are planning to add more intention actions as well, such as:

  • Add method to the interface/structure.
  • Invert condition.
  • Split into two if.
  • Generate error handling code when an Unhandled Error is detected.
  • Several improvements for Fill Struct: option to choose fields to fill, fill with live-templates instead of just values, the ability to add a suggestion to Fill action to the auto-popup after adding.


  • Improvements for the default color themes. Yes, finally!
  • Enhancement for Extract interface refactoring UI.
  • Code highlighting in the Quick Documentation.

Postfix Completion Templates

  • Custom Postfix Completion templates.


  • Highlighting for escape sequences in string literals.
  • Go to implementation without a popup if there is that only option.


  • Auto-enable integrations for vgo/dep/vendoring.
  • New tools for predefined File Watchers.

BTW, the ideas for improvements we have, often come directly from the feedback we get from our users. Send your feature requests to us by dropping us a request in our bug tracker or by tweeting us at @GoLandIDE. Thank you!

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