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What’s Next: GoLand 2020.1 Roadmap

A month ago we released GoLand 2019.3. For this version, we mostly focused on giving you the most enjoyable IDE experience possible. We hope our efforts have paid off! GoLand 2019.3 consumes less CPU and performs faster than any previous … Continue reading

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What’s next: GoLand 2019.3 roadmap

Three weeks ago we released GoLand 2019.2 with function calls support in the debugger, enhanced color schemes, customizable Postfix Completion templates, smarter Go Modules and dep integration, quick-fixes based on the Change Signature refactoring, and many other new code editing … Continue reading

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What’s next: GoLand 2019.2 roadmap

Two weeks ago we released GoLand 2019.1 with built-in Memory, CPU, Mutex, and Block profilers, many new debugger features such as Smart Step Into, the new release also included Extract Interface refactoring, Nilness Analyzer, some handy updates for Go Modules, … Continue reading

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Debugging with GoLand – Windows minidumps

A while back we talked about debugging the core dumps produced on Linux systems. Since then, the IDE has had an update that allows it to debug the equivalent memory dumps produced on Windows systems, called minidumps. As with core … Continue reading

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What’s Next: Roadmap for GoLand 2019.1

Two weeks ago we released GoLand 2018.3 which introduced a new Change Signature refactoring, debugging for Google App Engine apps, the ability to analyze core dumps, and support for Testify and Mozilla rr. It also improved code completion, added new … Continue reading

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