GoLand 2019.2.2 is Out!

The GoLand 2019.2.2 bug-fix update is out!

Download GoLand 2019.2.2

Update to it via the Toolbox App, go to 2019.2.1 and click Help | Check for Updates, or download a copy from our website.

Performance and UI

We’ve fixed several performance and usability issues:

GO-8031 — GoLand now shows the ‘implemented’ icon for a method much faster as it processes fewer elements during analysis.

GO-8034 — The UI doesn’t freeze anymore when clicking on the gutter icon for a type that implements the interface and has a lot of methods.

GO-7952Fill Fields is more helpful when you use existing variables as field values.


GO-8065, GO-8068Extract Interface respects existing declarations and doesn’t complain about unexported receiver’s type if it’s not used in the newly created interface.

GO-7982Change Signature takes care of the package prefix in tests.

Code Formatting

Code Formatting gets many fixes and improvements:

GO-7431Reformat Code works more similarly to go fmt.

GoLand correctly aligns comments inside field declarations, in argument lists, block statements, case clauses, const blocks, after a multiline composite literal, and more.

Also, GoLand puts proper indents in struct initializers in a multi-value return, blocks inside switch cases, var/const values after comments, for comments inside multiline expressions, after an if with a multiline condition, and more.

For the full list of bug-fixes for Code Formatting, see this.


The debugger has several fixes as well:

GO-7770 — Function calls work inside the Evaluate Expression window and log breakpoint property.

GO-7060 — The debugger shows the correct location of variables in the code editor.


— Installing the Go SDK from the IDE should work as expected without exceptions.

Visit this page to see the full list of bug-fixes for this update.

That’s about all. Remember, we always appreciate your feedback! Please tell us what you think by dropping us a request in our bug tracker or by tweeting us @GoLandIDE. Thank you!

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