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GoLand 2019.3.3 is out!

Download GoLand 2019.3.3 via the Toolbox App, update from an earlier version by using Help | Check for Updates command, or use a snap package (for Ubuntu), or just download a copy from our website.

Download GoLand 2019.3.3

The main aim of this bug-fix update is to provide you with the ability to work on Go Modules projects with vendor/ in GoLand with Go 1.14.

One week ago Go 1.14 was released with vendoring mode enabled automatically if the module root contains a vendor directory. Read this release notes by the Go team to learn about this change in detail. We’ve already supported this change in GoLand 2020.1 EAP, and even implemented similar behavior for Go versions 1.13 and lower. The IDE will automatically resolve imports to the vendor/ folder if it is present in the module.

In Preferences/Settings | Go | Go Modules, we’ve changed the Vendoring mode checkbox to read Enable vendoring support automatically. This setting cannot be disabled by language rules for Go 1.14, but for versions 1.13 and lower, we provide the option to disable it.


Read the full release notes to get more information about the issues that have been fixed.

Remember that we always appreciate your feedback, so please share it with us here in the comments, on Twitter, or using our issue tracker.

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