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Improvements and bug fixes of GoLand 2020.1.2

Today, I’m happy to announce that GoLand 2020.1.2 is out and ready to be downloaded. You can update to 2020.1.2 by:

Download GoLand 2020.1.2

So, what makes the 2020.1.2 release worth taking the time to upgrade to?

.remove Postfix Completion

Let’s start with a small but useful new feature – a Postfix Completion template for removing values from slices, aptly named .remove

Together with the other Postfix Completion templates such as .append, .aappend, .for, .forr, .len, and .cap, this adds to our ongoing effort to make editing Go code easier and simpler.

.remove Postfix Completion

Pro tip: You can read more slice tricks on this wiki page. Let us know if we can implement anything else from that list that would make working with slices more convenient for you.

Pro Tip: You can define your own postfix completion templates that adapt to patterns used in your code.

Debugger performance improvements

In this release, our ongoing efforts to make using GoLand even faster have turned to the debugger. We managed to fix a few important issues in 2020.1.1, and we’ve now solved one more performance problem.

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve fixed so far:

  • Information about goroutines is now loaded on demand. This should make stepping through the program faster: GO-7482.
  • Sometimes, the debugger was sending multiple requests for the same data. It no longer does so: GO-8535, GO-8536.

In this release, we addressed GO-9204 by reducing the amount of data requested from Delve, as larger requests were causing the debugger to crash in some cases.

We’ve addressed a few correctness bugs related to the debugger, as well:

  • C compiler optimizations are now properly disabled during debugging: GO-7880
  • Inspecting the value of a slice/array/map now shows the correct children: GO-9166

Other improvements and bug fixes

Finally, another important fix you can find in this release is the ability to run tools before your run configuration starts. This was broken temporarily, but it should now be up and running again, allowing you to create complex configurations. You can read about it here: IDEA-229467.

For the full list of changes, you can read the complete changelog.

That’s it for today. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and for helping us make GoLand better for everyone.

As always, we look forward to receiving your feedback, so write to us using the comments section below, our issue tracker, or tweet to us using @GoLandIDE.

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