GoLand 2021.3.4 Is Out With Fixes For Generics 

The GoLand 2021.3.4 update is available. You can download the build from the website, update via the Toolbox App, apply a patch (go to GoLand | Check for Updates), or use a snap package (for Ubuntu).

Here are the highlights of this update:

— We fixed 6 generics-related false-positive issues. As we said earlier, we focus on fixing false-positive errors first, then false negatives, and finally on implementing new features. Fixes for 66 generics-related issues have been backported to v2021.3 so far. For better generics support, please switch to our EAP builds.

— The IDE no longer freezes while indexing WSL projects.

Please read the release notes for more details about this update.

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