GoLand 2022.1.2 Is Available

The GoLand 2022.1.2 update is out.

You can download the build from the website, update via the Toolbox App, apply a patch (go to GoLand | Check for Updates), or use a snap package (for Ubuntu).



Report unused type parameter

There is a new inspection that reports unused type parameters. They are grayed out, and you will see a warning when hovering over them.

Completion for a type parameter when typing a method’s receiver 

GoLand automatically inserts a type parameter’s identifier when you type a receiver while creating a method (it could be any letter, but is usually the same as in the type’s declaration).  

Improvements and bug fixes

This build includes some notable fixes: 

GO-12406 – GoLand shows an error if you try to use an interface with type parameters. 

GO-12634 – An error is shown if you’re missing a type constraint, as expected.

Check out the release notes to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes for this update. 

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