GoLand 2024.1 Is Out!

GoLand 2024.1 is out and comes with exciting new features like full line code completion for Go, a performance boost for indexing and code highlighting, major updates to remote development and dev containers, and support for some new Go 1.22 features.

Download GoLand 2024.1

In this blog post, we’ll take a quick tour through the most significant updates, but if you want to see the full list of improvements, check out What’s New in GoLand 2024.1. Let’s dive in!

Full line code completion

GoLand 2024.1 introduces full line code completion, a new feature that autocompletes entire lines of code using locally-run, context-aware deep learning AI models. It helps improve coding speed and efficiency while working locally on your device and without sending any data to external servers. The feature comes bundled for every GoLand 2024.1 user. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of the AI experience! Read more in our dedicated blog post.

Performance improvements

Indexing is now significantly faster in GoLand, with speed gains of around 30% on average. Real-world results will vary for every user depending on the specifics of their projects and hardware. Feel free to share your results with us! Here is an illustration of indexing using the Gin framework:

indexing progress bars comparison

Highlighting now works for references right from the IDE start-up! Take a look at these two examples:

highlighting comparison

Remote development 

GoLand 2024.1 provides an improved developer experience for remote scenarios – the highlighting, rendering, and overall smoothness of remote development are now close to what you experience with local programming. See how highlighting and completion in the cloud are almost as fast as they are for local codebases:

You can now manage remote projects directly from the IDE client, create new remote projects, and open existing ones.

Dev container support 

The IDE now has full support for dev containers and makes editing the devcontainer.json file easy. The following additional features have also been implemented:

  • You can now run a dev container (from your local disk or VCS) from the Welcome screen. Previously, it was necessary to open the project first.
  • Dev containers now come with file templates for all popular programming languages.
  • devcontainer.json files will be recognized no matter where they are stored in the project.

Support for Go 1.22 updates 

The Go language is constantly evolving, and we try to provide support for new language features as quickly as possible. 

Support for using range over integers and functions. Go 1.22 brings the ability to easily iterate over integers and functions in a way that is more concise than using a classic for loop.

Vendoring support for Go workspaces. Vendoring gives you more control over the dependencies used in your project by allowing you to store them in the project repository. In Go 1.22, commands in workspaces can use a vendor directory containing the workspace’s dependencies. GoLand now supports this improvement.

Leave your comments on this post, report any issues you encounter to our issue tracker, ping us on X (formerly Twitter), or drop us a message in the Gophers Slack #goland channel.

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