JBoss Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Now the blog has one more category – “plugins”. This category will collect short overviews of the most interesting and useful plugins for IntelliJ IDEA. So, if you know about the one – request a tip using the small form on a side-bar to the right or send your own overview to us.
The first plugin presented here is JBoss plugin created by Martin Fuhrer. The plugin provides integration with JBoss 3.2 and 4.0 application servers. It allows configuring JBoss application servers for deploying, running and debugging web- and enterprise applications directly from IntelliJ IDEA.
The plugin is free and available through IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Manager.
Martin also created a set of nice live tutorials (Flash demos) that you can find at http://www.fuhrer.com/en/jbossplugin/index.html.
Although demos are created in IntelliJ IDEA 4.5, the plugin is also available for version 5.1 and is being updated for the forthcoming 6.0 release.

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