TabSwitch Plugin

Of course, tabs is a good way for organizing opened files within an application. However, when you have too many opened tabs it becomes difficult to navigate between them. IntelliJ IDEA helps you to navigate between recently opened files (CTRL + E), but sometimes you need to switch only between the tabs.
The TabSwitch plugin allows you to switch between IntelliJ IDEA tabs like you switch between opened applications in Windows. With the plugin installed, just press Alt + A, and you’ll get the list of the opened tabs. The most recently used tabs come first.

As it turned out, Alt + A is not an intuitive shortcut. So, many developers changed it to Ctrl + Tab. This shortcut is used in IntelliJ IDEA for switching within splitted windows. But it is rarely used, so you can easily override it.
To change the shortcut, open Settings – > Keymap. Then select Plugins->TabSwitch, and configure its shortcuts (remember that you cannot modify the default keymap and need to create your own).

The plugin has more features and shortucts that help you with tab navigation. Here you can find the full description: http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/TabSwitchPlugin
The TabSwitch is free and can be downloaded via IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Manager.

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