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Fun Stuff Can Be Useful, Too

There are roughly three hundreds of various extensions in the IntelliJ IDEA plugin repository .
Plugins are grouped by about thirty different categories, which is very comfy and lets you easily find an extension that adds the functionality you personally need to your favorite IDE.
Today I want to tell you about the Key Promoter plugin which is filed under Fun Stuff category.
After taking a look at it I can say that sometime the fun stuff can be really useful. Whenever you are using your mouse to carry out an action through toolbar or menu, the plugin displays large animated tooltip telling you what keyboard shortcut could have been used instead.
Key Promoter

As you might have already noticed, keyboard shortcuts greatly boost your productivity because you don’t have to draw your hands from keyboard both when you’re writing the code or making the use of various IDE functions.
With Key Promoter it takes much less time to learn all the frequently used keystroke combinations and so take your productivity to a whole new level.
Key Promoter plugin is freeware and available for download at IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository

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